Sponsors for Ambassadors & Fairests

The Door County Ambassador Program or formally known as, Fairest of the Fair, is a non-profit family-friendly program benefiting Door County youth since 2018. During the past 4 years, the program worked hard to keep the Fair in the hearts and minds of our residents and visitors during COVID-19. In order for the Door County Ambassador program to continue for years to come, we urge you to consider making a contribution to the program or to the Fair itself.  Every contribution makes a difference and sustains our beloved Ambassador program and Fair for our youth, as future caretakers of our heritage, our culture in our community. Many Blessings to those that have helped create and preserve our Fair, THANK YOU!

2022 Sponsors: Door County,  Destination Door County,  Handy Bins,  Action Realty,  T.Simons
Current Sponsors

Past Sponsors