Adult Diversion Program

Court Services Supervisor
Kelsey Christensen

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Implemented in 2019, Pathways is an adult voluntary diversion program that provides support to individuals seeking assistance in stopping their drug use. Pathways referrals are received by law enforcement and provided with case management and treatment as an alternative to receiving charges. All charges are held so that if an individual is unsuccessful in their programing the District Attorney’s office will follow through with charges on that individual.  

The one exception to that are self-referrals. Self-referrals are made when an individual has had contact with law enforcement, but the contact does not result in law enforcement issuing charges. However, law enforcement can still provide information for Pathways. If the individual would like assistance in stopping their drug use that individual can self-refer themselves to the Pathways. 

Individuals eligible for this program must be low to medium risk of recidivism. It is not meant for high risk individuals that have been through the justice system many times. Referred individuals participate in a needs assessment to determine appropriateness for the Pathways program and level of case management support. Eligible individuals are required to participate in drug treatment. In addition to case management and treatment services, individuals are connected to other determined community resources based on the individual’s needs.

In 2021 law enforcement referred 38 referrals with held charges and 2 individuals self-referred with no held charges. 17 of the referrals chose not to participate in the program. 10 enrolled in the program, but were unsuccessfully discharged and received charges. 7 individuals successfully completed the program, and 6 individuals are still currently enrolled, successfully working their program. 

Including the 2021 successful completions and participants still enrolled, since its implementation Pathways has successfully helped 27 individuals that otherwise would have obtained charges or faced jail time. One example of such individuals was a young woman who due to severe substance use, primarily with methamphetamine, lost her job, housing and found herself being charged with receiving stolen goods before enrolling in Pathways. With the help of the counselor and the case manager, this person has found a new place to live and has started a new job that she describes as her ‘dream job.’