Boards & Committees A-H

  1. A-H

Sister City Informal Advisory Group

Created per Resolution 2014-56.

Administrative Committee

Oversight for Child Support, Clerk of Court, Circuit Court, Corporation Counsel, County Administrator, County Clerk, District Attorney, Human Resources, Register in Probate, and Veteran’s Service Office.

Agriculture & Extension Education Committee

Oversight for Extension - Door County

Aging & Disability Resource Center Advisory Board

Board of Health

CCS / CST Coordinating Committee

Created per Resolution 2016-31 and 2106-72..

Census Complete Count Committee

Created per Resolution 2019-80

Children’s COP Advisory Committee

Created per Resolution 2016-31 and 2016-72

Civil Service Commission

Members elected by the County Board

Communications Advisory Technical Subcommittee

Access information about the Communications Advisory Technical Subcommittee (CATS).

County Board of Supervisors

View the board of supervisors for Door County.

Criminal Justice Collaborating Council

Created per Resolution 2018-21.

Facilities & Parks Committee

Oversight for Facilities and Parks Department.

Finance Committee

Oversight for Finance Department and County Treasurer.

Highway & Airport Committee

Oversight for Door County Highway & Cherryland Airport.

Highway Safety Commission

§83.013, Wis. Stats.

Health & Human Services Board

Oversight for Department of Health and Human Services.