About the Fair

Admission to the 2023 Door County Fair

Booster Buttons - $25 allows admission for all 5 days of the fair

Daily Pass - $10 - allows admission for 1 day to the fair. 

Free Parking!

*Booster Buttons can be purchased from any local 4-H Club or at the following local businesses. 

- Door County Scrap Metal - 1456 Shiloh Road Sturgeon Bay 

- More locations coming soon. 

Door County Fair Board

Tom Ash President
Aaron AshVice President
Hilary HeardSecretary                            Jamie Soukup            Assistant Secretary     
Kristin TassoulTreasurer                            Steve Jennerjohn      Assistant Treasurer
John White Member-at-Large
VacantEducational Liaison
Thad Ash Development Coordinator
JJ Schopf Development Coordinator

Door County Highway & Facilities Committee

(Oversight Committee for the Door County Fair)

  1. Roy Englebert

    District 3 Supervisor

  1. Dan Austad

    District 9 Supervisor

  1. Ken Fisher

    District 6 Supervisor

  1. Elizabeth Gauger

    District 15 Supervisor

  1. Alexis Heim Peter

    District 10 Supervisor

  1. Walter Kalms

    District 20 Supervisor

  1. Todd Thayse

    District 2 Supervisor